Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of surfing legend Andy Irons through vital and innovate programs that alleviate mental illness, substance abuse , and learning disabilities amongst our youth -- creating healthy, uplifted and supported communities. 

By sharing Andy's struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction, we will soften the stigma of these diseases, giving hope to the paralysis and the awkward silence plaguing in many families.

The Andy Irons Foundation will stabilize and expand the most impactful organizations and programs already in our communities -- alleviating mental illness, substance abuse and learning disabilities.

There are thousands of kids suffering like Andy did, and we will work every day to transform their lives for the better. We are starting in Kauai and we will expand to other islands, and ultimately to the mainland. 

In 2019 we will develop curriculum using the documentary film, Andy Irons, Kissed by God with distribution to high schools.

Please join us in supporting this important work -- helping honor Andy's legacy with a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you

Lyndie Irons, Danielle Tache, Taylor Easley